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Why the Food Pyramid is A Lie


-The traditional food pyramid from the 1990s into the early 2000s is inaccurate and makes suggestions that don’t help those with immunity problems (including individuals with autism)

-A more helpful and scientifically-backed way of eating is to follow a modified version of the paleo diet that emphasizes whole, naturally occurring foods while avoiding sugar & pesticides

Do you remember the food pyramid? If you grew up in the 1990s-the early 2000s, you likely have seen this USDA-backed eating guide on posters at school, in health class, and even in textbooks. The bottom of the pyramid is what you’re meant to eat most of (6-8 daily servings of grain, bread, or pasta), while moving up the pyramid is what you’re meant to eat least of (fats, oils, butter).

The problem with the food pyramid that was once so heavily emphasized is that we now have science showing it is not the best way to eat for our bodies to function at their best. Unfortunately, things like processed wheat (bread, cereal, and pasta) and dairy can lead to problems within the gut, while healthy lipids (which are at the top of the pyramid) are crucial for brain health. Consuming the wrong foods too much and the right foods too little can cause even more problems for individuals with low immunity. And while the updated “MyPlate” version of the food pyramid is a definite improvement, it is still not enough to give a realistic representation of what we should eat to be healthy and strong.

So even though the food pyramid is no longer taught in schools, why is it that in many ways it still so ingrained in the public conscience? The reason is because it takes a long time to change public opinion, and unfortunately, the medical community is sometimes lagging when it comes to following and advocating for changes based on newer scientific data.

A Better Way To Eating

The best way to move past the notion of the traditional food pyramid is to follow and advocate for a better model. Here at All-Star Nutrition, we teach the 2R Protocol, which is removing harmful foods and toxins, while working to repair the body by adding supplements and the right foods. The food guide we suggest is more similar to the paleo diet, which in essence are foods in their natural form. This includes lean meats, vegetables, fruits, eggs, nuts, and fish while avoiding things like sugar, dairy, pesticides, and packaged foods. As a general guideline, it’s best to avoid foods that are made in a factory (think crackers, cookies, pastries, etc).

It’s not easy to change our habits, and it can be ever more difficult to change our mindsets, but it is possible to overcome the mentality of the traditional food pyramid. By instead adopting a lifestyle of foods and supplements that nourish the body and the brain, we can live healthier and help our children reduce and even eliminate many of the symptoms of autism to reach their full potential.


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