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Discover what the Medical Community is Hiding from you

Article At A Glance:
• I am not “anti-doctor” or against the medical community.
• In my opinion, standardized medicine as a whole is flawed in their views on autism, as doctors are generally trained to treat symptoms (instead of looking at the root cause).
• As your child's greatest advocate, I encourage you to seek out sound medical professionals who are specialized in helping patients with autism.

Undeniably, mainstream medicine has brought us great advancements that have improved the quality and longevity of life. Whether it was the discovery of penicillin, the development of kidney dialysis, or the eradication of certain diseases, we owe a lot to science. Sometimes, however, modern medicine fails to adequately address our health concerns.

Those of us who have experienced frustrations at the limits of modern medicine are unfortunately sometimes labeled as “anti-science” or accused of promoting quackery. Please understand that I am not dismissive of modern medicine as a whole, but from my personal experience (where a doctor once told me that nothing could be done for my son), as well as my communication with hundreds of other parents, I can see say with confidence that currently, mainstream medical community does not have an adequate grasp on how to best help children and families with autism.

Limits of The Medical Community

So where exactly does mainstream medicine fall short? In general, they typically see symptoms in isolation rather than taking a holistic approach. For example, I've had doctors suggest that my son's diet has no influence on his behavior. If you consider the many controversies where the medical community has gotten things wrong (such as suggesting that dietary fat leads to weight gain, the food pyramid is a healthy guide to eating, and that “calories in, calories out” is an effective way to control weight loss), it's clear that they are not an infallible source of knowledge. Medicine is continually evolving, and admitting that it isn't perfect doesn't make you foolish or untrusting.

Thankfully, there are doctors and other professionals who have certain expertise in helping treat children with autism. As you “shop around,” look for one who is mindful of the importance of healing the gut and reducing inflammation (as well as utilizing therapy to help with behavior).

Overall, please remember that you are your child's greatest advocate, and that if professional medical advice doesn't seem to be alleviating the behavioral and relational challenges, there are alternative ways to help address his/ her health needs.

*This website is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by a healthcare professional.


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