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Breakfast of Champions: What To Eat in the Morning

Article At A Glance:
• Breakfast is crucial for everyone, but it is especially important for children with autism who have compromised immune systems.
• Typical and even seemingly healthy breakfast foods can cause inflammation, blood sugar spikes, and energy slumps.
• Foods high in protein and good fats help kids feel full, have energy, and heal their gut.

We've heard it said that breakfast is the most important meal, as it is meant to fuel us and create a productive start to our day. So what should breakfast look like for a child who has autism? If we understand that the key to helping these kids lies in healing the gut (feeding good bacteria while starving the bad), what types of food should they be consuming?

First, let's begin by analyzing typical American breakfast foods. These can include orange juice, toast, cereal, and milk. The truth is that these combination of foods are often packed with sugar (orange juice and cereal in particular) that spike blood glucose levels, cause inflammation, and then lead to an energy crash a few hours later.

Sometime later, the American breakfast began to evolve into something seemingly healthier with foods like whole-grain bagels, oatmeal, a bowl of fruit, and skim milk. While these foods are marketed to appear more nutritious, unfortunately they cause many of the same issues as the typical diet.

The R2 Diet

So what's a better way to fuel our kids' bodies? I developed the R2 diet, which includes foods like eggs, avocado, uncured pastured bacon, and R2 pancakes (the recipe is available in the members' section). These foods feed the brain, keep us full longer, and feed the good gut bacteria.

Making important changes like these in your family's diet can make a significant difference in your child's behavior.

*This website is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by a healthcare professional.


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