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5-in-1 Bio-Heal Probiotic FAQs


Q: What is the recommended serving size?

A: We recommend giving ½ scoop daily to a person weighing 50 lbs or less. For those weighing over 50 lbs, we recommend giving 1 full scoop. For individuals over 101 lbs, we recommend giving up to 2 scoops.

Q: How long will one container last?

A: Bio-Heal will last 1 – 4 months depending on the recommended dosage.

Q: I lost my scoop! How do I get a replacement?

A: Unfortunately, we do not offer replacement scoops at this time. Please use 1/4 tsp for a half scoop and 1/2 tsp for a full scoop.

Serving the Probiotic

Q: What’s the best way to offer this probiotic to my child?

A: Bio-Heal can be mixed into any food or drink that is room temperature or cooler. We do not recommend serving it in water because your child will be able to see it; it is better disguised in juice or a smoothie or a food such as applesauce, yogurt or cereal.

We recommend adding the powder slowly and stirring it until dissolved if mixing it into a beverage (a small, inexpensive milk frother is ideal for dissolving the powder into a liquid). Additionally, it is recommended you do not mix this in front of your child because even though the probiotic is flavorless/odorless, some children are sensitive to even a thought that there might be something new or different in their beverage.

Here is a link to a video with tips and tricks for serving.

Q: My child is very sensitive and refuses to try anything new.

A: Look at your child’s current food intake for opportunities where this can be added without detection. Does your child drink milk, chocolate milk, juice, smoothies? Does your child eat cereal, pasta, yogurt, applesauce? These can all be great foods to hide the Bio-Heal.

Q: What is the best time of day to take Bio-Heal?

A: Consistency is key, so have your child take it at approximately the same time each day. It's more important to be consistent than to make sure the timing is perfect.


Q: Does Bio-Heal need to be refrigerated?

A: The probiotic has been freeze-dried and pressure sealed. Not until the pressure seal has been opened do we suggest to store it in the fridge for moisture control. We definitely understand that some of our customers live in extreme heat. Our headquarters are in Florida and the shipments we receive for our personal use are not shipped to us on ice and are still effective. Bio-Heal probiotic has a shelf life of 2 years. Leaving the probiotic out for a few days will not materially change the potency of the probiotic if consumed within its shelf life.


Q: Is Bio-Heal Gluten-free? (Nut-free? Dairy-free? Egg-free?)

A: Yes, this product is gluten free, egg free, tree nut free and dairy free. There are no fillers.

Q: Is Bio-Heal Soy-free?

A: Bio-Heal contains the ingredient phosphatidylcholine, which is derived from soy. However, phosphatidylcholine typically does not contain sufficient soy protein residues to provoke allergic reactions in the majority of soy-allergic consumers

Q: Is Bio-Heal Organic & GMO Free?

A: No, Bio-Heal is not certified organic or GMO free.  We are currently working on obtaining that certification.

Q: Where can I find the ingredient list?

A: You can find the ingredient list and a picture of the label here.

Product Efficacy

Q: When will I see results?

A: Unfortunately, there is not a specific time-frame you can expect, as each person and situation is different. One thing to consider is that healing the gut and reducing inflammation is a process, not a single event; it doesn't happen overnight. In most cases, gut dysfunction and dysbiosis take years to develop, and healing can take time. Please realize that the science is real.  Give it time, and continue to make lifestyle changes that will help the gut and reduce inflammation in addition to taking the product.

Q: How long will I need to take this or how long will my child need to be on a probiotic?

A: We recommend using the product as long as you find it helpful.

Q: Will this product help a child with ADHD? (ADD? Anxiety? OCD? Depression? Bipolar Disorder?)

A: I’m not a doctor and can’t give medical advice. I would suggest reviewing this with your doctor and getting their opinion.

Q: My child is Autistic but has no known digestive issues. Will this help?

A: While I'd love to be able to provide you with specific results, each person and situation is different in things like genetic makeup, environment, diet, pre-existing conditions, etc. and the way the product initially affects them can vary.

We've heard positive reports from many parents, and one of our ingredients has been linked to improved executive function and complex language. That said, I can't tell you for certain if it will help your child.

My suggestion would be to try it and see. The best case scenario is that you'll improve the health and well being of your child. If the product doesn't work for you, you can receive a full refund.

Q: Can anyone take Bio-Heal?

A: Absolutely! Our patent pending formula is ideal for anyone looking to improve their gut health.

Side Effects

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: Because there are so many factors involved, I can't say whether or not you or your child will experience side effects. Some people do experience what is known as the Herxheimer reaction.

When you take Bio-Heal, it works to heal the lining of the gut and crowd out the bad guys with good guys.

During this process, the bad guys (yeast and bacteria) die. As they die, they release waste and something called endotoxin, which, as the name implies, is slightly toxic to the body. And because the immune system mounts a response to this endotoxin, we usually feel worse as we cleanse.

Additionally, the yeast and bad guys live on sugar, and when they’re dying, we can experience strong cravings. They want to survive, so they trigger the body to give them what they need to survive.

I know it seems slightly counterintuitive, but you can get those symptoms because the product is working and the body is healing.

Common Symptoms of bacteria/yeast die-off include fatigue, brain fog, gastrointestinal distress such as nausea, gas, bloating, diarrhea or constipation, low-grade fever, headache, sore throat, body itch, muscle and joint soreness, pain, flu-like symptoms, hyperactivity or irritability.

Again, this reaction does not occur with everyone, and it is not possible to predict if it will happen with yours.

Q: How is Advanced Bio-Heal different than other probiotics on the market?

A: Bio-Heal is more than a probiotic. Bio-Heal is a 5-in-1 that includes prebiotics, probiotics, four ingredients to help heal the lining of the gut, neurotransmitter support (brain booster), and digestive enzymes to help maximize nutrient absorption from food.

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