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Are There Toxins in Your Tap Water?


  • Water is an essential ingredient for our bodies, brains, and health 
  • Americans are overly trusting of their local government’s ability to ensure clean water
  • Mounting research shows that tap water often contains toxins and trace amounts of drugs that pose a grave danger to our bodies
  • Investing in a quality reverse osmosis water filtration system can remove the vast majority of contaminants in our tap water

Most everyone understands that water is an essential nutrient for our bodies; it helps us digest our food, excrete waste, and maintain vital functioning for all our organ groups. As we’ve talked about here on this blog, water is superior to virtually any other drink. Although some may find it a little boring at first, we can make it the “norm” beverage of choice and help our kids understand that drinking water is good, healthy, and satisfying.

But where does the water we drink come from? And how safe is it really? While we occasionally hear horror stories of tainted drinking water (like the crisis in Flint, Michigan or the controversy that activist Erin Brockovich helped expose about a California oil company contaminating the local water supply), it’s easy to think that these are isolated incidents and aren’t relevant to our own lives. Most of us are overly trusting of our states or municipalities and assume that they ensure our water is clean.

Unfortunately, the reality is that tap water is often filled with toxins that hurt our bodies and are even carcinogenic. It’s fairly well-known that most municipalities put fluoride in local water supplies. While there’s conflicting evidence that fluoridated water helps with dental health (which is the reason it’s said to be included), fluoride is known to be a neurotoxin that may have links to cancer

The amount of potential toxins and other chemicals in tap water is too lengthy to include a comprehensive list. Here are some well-known dangers that could be coming straight from your kitchen sink: fluoride, chlorine, lead, and mercury. In fact, a recent study from Harvard University shows that the PFAs (polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances) in tap water exceeded federal safety levels in 33 states. What’s more is that the Associated Press did in-depth investigation that concluded that trace amounts of prescription drugs (including mood stabilizers, estrogen, and other medications) were present in tap water (see the CNN clip in the above video). Clearly, we have a real risk of water contamination even here in America. 

Getting Our Water Clean

With mounting evidence that our tap water contains toxins or trace amounts of prescription drugs, what can we do to protect our family’s health? My suggestion is to invest in a quality filter  system for your home. Though there are different products with a varying amount of purification processes, I recommend one with at least 5 steps; the main things you want a filter to remove are carbon and charcoal. Don’t feel like you need to spend thousands of dollars on a filtration system either. A simple search on Amazon can help you find a reverse osmosis water filtration system for about $200 or less.

*This website is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by a healthcare professional.


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